DIY Divorces

October 2013

Whilst the cost of divorce is high, we would encourage those going through a marital break-up to think twice about opting for a cheaper online legal service. In many divorce cases, children or financial matters can be complex, which can lead to difficulties and unforeseen expense down the line, if settled through a DIY divorce process.

At Parrott and Coales, we ensure that we are upfront about the costs involved in the legal processes of divorce. We believe that the personal support and guidance we offer make a difference to our clients, which you would not get from a DIY service. Our experienced lawyers are able to manage the legal process and minimise the stress for the client, ensuring that a hard personal situation does not become an unnecessarily difficult legal one.

Please visit the family services page for more details about our fixed fees for divorce and family services and the fees involved in more complex cases. Our team are always happy to discuss these with you in more detail.

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