Bucks Business Panel Seminar

November 2012

Exporting as a way to recovery?

Following the second of our Business Panels last Friday, We thought we would pass on a short note with the key highlights of the event. We were fortunate to be joined by both David Lidington MP and Steve Baker MP, who provided great insight to both the government position on developing exporting as well as their own views. In addition, Angus Murray from UKTI and Alex Pratt, BBF also gave us views and opinions from the business community in Bucks and foreign markets.

The key points that arose throughout the discussion focused around the need to identify the right market to target, be this within the UK and Bucks, or in foreign markets:

  • Plan strategically don’t be reactionary
  • Use the resources available, including UKTI and BBF and the bank
  • The government need to further reduce red tape to free SME’s up to grow
  • Innovation for both products and services is key, initiatives such as UKEF finance are available to help
  • Employee legislation is holding businesses back, the need to use skilled resources such as solicitors to help them through these issues
  • The emerging markets such as South America and Africa are great opportunities, we need to be prepared to take a risk and enter these markets

Whilst it was clear that there are issues the business community would like to see the government address, it was also apparent that there are considerable resources, both financially and knowledge based, available to businesses in Bucks and these need to be further used to identify areas for growth, both in Bucks and abroad.

The panel was a great success, with many of the senior business leaders from the region attending and plans are already being put in place for the event next year.

If you would like any more information on the event of any of the speakers, please do not hesitate to contact us.