Aylesbury Business First

May 2012

The aim of this Group is to lobby effectively those organisations whose decisions impact on businesses in Aylesbury in order to foster conditions for wealth creation and business retention in and around the town.

This is not a networking group, but it requires a network of businesses to communicate effectively, generate ideas and to be a significant lobbying presence.

To be an effective group it needs to obtain representation from all the leading businesses in the different sectors in the greater Aylesbury area.

Aylesbury business has never been good to representing itself to those who make the decisions that affect how businesses in the area can operate.

We need to have a strong voice with enough focus on business to make it difficult for local planners and funders to ignore us.

We aim to be a group whose voice is respected by and listened to by all the organisations who have a wider focus than simply Aylesbury, for example Aylesbury Vale District Council, Buckinghamshire County Council, SEMLEP, Thames Valley LEP and the Government itself, who have a district County or nationwide focus who need to be directed towards an Aylesbury focus.

We therefore need the representatives of leading businesses within "greater Aylesbury" with ideas and energy to contribute to this group.

We cannot lobby effectively without having solid facts to back any arguments we wish to make. We therefore intend to identify issues, establish the facts that surround those and then put forward argued proposals to the bodies that influence the way in which those issues develop.

We can rely upon Buckinghamshire Business First for support, research and administration.