Employment Updates - June 2013

June 2013

Employment Updates - June 2013

Fees Payable in the Employment Tribunal

From Monday 29 July 2013 fees will be payable to present a complaint to the Employment Tribunal.  The fee payable will depend on the type of complaint (£250 to issue a complaint of unfair dismissal) and an additional fee will be payable in advance of the hearing (£950 for a complaint of unfair dismissal).  Further fees are payable for certain applications (ranging from £60 to £600).  

There is a fee remission scheme for those that cannot afford to pay the fees, which the Government intends to reform.  

New employment tribunal rules of procedure also come into force on 29 July 2013. 

Financial Penalties for Employers

For any tribunal claim presented on or after 25 October 2013, where the employment tribunal concludes that an employer has breached a worker’s rights and considers that the breach has an aggravating factor, then the tribunal may order the employer to pay a penalty to the Secretary of State of between £100 and £5000.  This penalty is halved if payment is made within 21 days of the decision being sent to the employer. 


The Employment Appeal Tribunal has confirmed in a recent case (Woodhouse v West North West Homes Leeds) that an employer cannot dismiss an employee who makes serial but misguided complaints of any sort of discrimination, unless the employee did so in bad faith.

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