Family Department News

May 2013

Family Department News

The changes to Legal aid have now come into effect. This means that even if a client  is on benefits or a low income and needs advice or assistance with a Family law problem there is no longer automatic qualification for Legal aid.

Legal aid is still available for cases with a domestic violence element, for example ,where the potential client needs the protection of an injunction or has been the victim of past domestic abuse. However there will be a requirement in many cases to obtain designated documentary evidence of such abuse before Legal aid can be obtained. Details of such evidence are included on our website.

Legal aid will also be available for care proceedings and in exceptional circumstances for particularly vulnerable individuals.

A limited form of Legal aid will also be available to assist with mediation to resolve financial or children disputes. However in these types of cases the costs of obtaining a divorce or representation at Court will not be included.

We are introducing a range of fixed fee funding options for clients to assist in managing the costs of legal fees.

We now offer a first interview for a fixed fee of £90 inclusive of VAT for up to an hour. In addition we can provide a letter confirming the advice for an additional £30 inclusive of VAT.

For potential clients who are receiving benefits such as Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance and Employment Support Allowance we are offering a monthly Family Advice clinic. For a charge of £20 (inclusive of VAT) we will offer advice for half an hour on a specific Family problem.

We are also offering fixed fees for uncontested divorces, separation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements and living together agreements. We can offer fixed fee arrangements for clients who decide to conduct their own family case but need advice at various stages in the process.

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