Lack of Job Security in the UK

November 2013

Taking a look at our home town, Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire, we have seen some dramatic changes recently. When the recession hit, we said goodbye to brands that have taken residency in Aylesbury’s shopping centres for a long time, including HMV, Game, Peacocks, La Senza, Bay Trading, La Tasca and The Slug and Lettuce, to name a few, as well as having seen the closure of the well-loved Jardine’s bowling alley.

On the other hand, luckily, we have also witnessed a rapid transformation with a number of new big name brands opening stores within Aylesbury, including River Island, TopShop, Pandora and H&M, in addition to a complete re-brand of Friar’s Square Shopping Centre, with extended opening hours, fresh interior re-designs and many shops also having been refurbished as part of the project (read more about the redevelopment project here here). 

However, it’s no secret that even with the post-recessional climate, budgets are tight and companies are under constant pressure to still meet their targets. We’re not the only town who has seen well known brands struggle and eventually close this year. We also know it’s not over, with many more brands constantly in and out of administration (view a more detailed list with numbers of employees and stores affected here).

It’s not just high street brands struggling; non-high street companies are also cutting jobs. British Airways is one such example, whose staff have been told that 1,775 jobs will be cut over the next three years (view the full story here).

As a result of these closures and cuts, job security overall in the UK is low, with less than adequate alternative job options available. Matters can get complicated when it comes to redundancy and it’s important that businesses and individuals are up to date with information on their rights and limitations in these situations.

At Parrott & Coales, we can help businesses and individuals understand the complex nature of the laws surrounding redundancy and dismissal. If you’re a business, we can help you to ensure procedures are properly adhered to, to avoid employee disputes that could cost your company even more expense.

Alternatively, if you’re an employee and you feel you have been dismissed unfairly, or the proper redundancy procedures were not adhered to, we can advise you on your next steps.

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