Charity Bake for Medical Detection Dogs

February 2015

On the 6th February 2015, P&C held a Charity Bake in the Conference Room to raise much needed funds for the Milton Keynes Charity, Medical Detection Dogs.  This is a Charity that Jo Bateman loves to support, and not just because of the cute dogs - although that is a bonus!

Some of P&C’s best bakers slaved away until late last night to bake cakes, and slices were sold from 11am onwards to raise funds on the day.  There was also a raffle with lots of prizes AND the chance, for one lucky member of staff to win the golden P&C  “one day extra holiday" ticket!

Jo explains the main focus of the Charity "is to train dogs as either Medical Alert Assistance dogs to help people with life threatening health conditions such as diabetes, or as Cancer Detection dogs where they are working to assist scientists through the development of “E-noses” for early, non-invasive detection of cancer.  The hope is that one day they will be able to able to diagnose difficult cancers such as pancreatic cancer". 

Their work in cancer detection is pioneering with Daisy the Labrador paving the way. Dr Claire Guest, Daisy’s owner and Chief Executive of Medical Detection Dogs has had first-hand experience of Daisy’s amazing abilities.

Jo says “It was a fantastic morning and we have managed to raise a massive £214.80, which means we have met our target for a Puppy Starter Kit.  I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their kind support today”.