The LawNet Challenge 2013

July 2013

The Parrott and Coales team won the fifth annual LawNet challenge which took place this weekend (12/13th July) in The Lake District.  The 17 mile route started and finished at the Borrowdale Youth Hostel.  James Couzens, Lorna Barry, Natalie Berry, who are all currently with Parrott and Coales, and Matthew Dugdale, and Matthew Thom who were recently solicitors with Parrott & Coales, but were sufficiently enthusiastic about the firm to come back, all took the challenge.

Over 80 walkers stepped out to complete the 17 mile walk near Buttermere, over High Spy, Maiden Moor, Robinson and Honister Passin the scorching heat, which is set to be one of the hottest LawNet walks in history. Only 6 out of the 79 walkers completed the walk, and the first 3 of those were part of the Parrott & Coales team - James Couzens, Matthew Thom and Lorna Barry.

So it was an excellent weekend, which saw teams from LawNet firms that share a very similar outlook, from all over the country come together again for the challenge, resulting in a great atmosphere and, for everyone, a sense of achievement.

Here’s to the LawNet Challenge 2014, well done to all those involved.